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Title indexing , also known as authorized indexing or alpha indexing is a process that refers to capturing of different types of title information and authorized narrative along with various other relevant data and then posting them into a title plant database. At Title Indexing, we have trained and experienced professionals who can skillfully sift through the intricate labyrinth of in-depth legal descriptions that are associated with available properties. We can then index them according to a structure that is relevant for your business. Our deep domain expertise in relation to title indexing services can help in building a highly accurate title plant equipped with all the legal information of real estate properties in a perfect order.

Benefits of choosing our Title Indexing Services By Title Indexing

  • We can present you with a team of highly proficient experts capable of delivering legal indexing assistance relating to property descriptions;
  • The methodical indexing practices offered at Universal BPO covers structured indexing of large scale and rather complex legal texts that are associated with all kinds of properties;
  • We offer top notch quality that remains unmatched even when we maintain the best TAT for our deliveries;
  • As the scope of legal descriptions does vary from one region to another, our professionals always stay abreast with such variations so that you get unmatched precision when it comes to indexing;
  • We always guarantee superior quality services at the most affordable prices along with reduction in overhead and labor costs.


Here is a list of all kinds of title indexing services that we can provide for you:

Title Search Services, Title Plant Indexing, Two Owner Search, Last Owner Search, Data Entry Services, 40 Year search/full search, Mortgage Indexing Services, Legal Indexing Services, Document Conversion Services, Title Escrow Services, Current Owner Search, Last Owner Search, Last Vesting Deed, Document Retrievals, Mortgage Loan Processing, Tax Searches, Broker Price Opinion, Flood Zone Determination Services, Deed of Trust, Partial or Full Lien release document, Easement Rights, Title Deed Coding and Marriage Certificates. Our experts are also highly skilled when it comes to working with different types of software programs like Ram Quest, HAL File, TIMS and Title Search. This enables us to deliver all types of relevant data directly into your software.


Title Search Services

Current Owner Search

Last Vesting Deed

Two Owner Search

Document Retrievals

Tax Searches

Current Owner Search

Two Owner Search

Full Search

Limited Search

10-year/30-year/60-year Search

Update/ Bring Down/ Date Down Search

Foreclosure Search

Lien Searches – Municipal, Judgement, Environmental, and Utilities

Documentation & Reports – Vesting, Ownership, Encumbrance, and retrieval of documents

Mortgage or Deed of Trust search

Deed chain search

Document reading

REO reports


Our Search Packages Contains

Appraiser Report

Tax Statement



Probate/Divorce/Will/Death Certificates

Judgments, Dockets, & Liens

Lease Documents

Easements/Right of Way/Restrictions

Maps – Plat, GIS, Assessor, & Tax

Subdivision Plans


Title Indexing & Data Extraction

40 Year search/full search services

Search for up to 40 years (or what is standard in a specific jurisdiction)

Full copies of all the deeds in chain of title;

Fully written chain of title;

Copies of all pertinent pages from any open liens or mortgages;

Copies of any docket reports, open judgments, or both;

First Page Copy of all exceptions (restrictions, easements, etc.)

Full copy of plat, if the property is a part of the platted land;

Search of all the relevant courts in jurisdiction for open cases or judgments against all involved parties on title that go back to 2 owners, or minimum of twenty years (including federal tax liens)


Last Owner Search in USA and Canada

Searched back from present through an insured owner for a length’s conveyance;

Full copies all the deeds within the chain of the title;

Chain of title for a minimum of 24 months;

Copies of the pertinent pages from open liens or mortgages;

Copies of any judgments, liens, reports any open cases;

Search of all the relevant courts in jurisdiction for open cases or judgments against any and all the parties on the title

Last owner search services


Two Owner Search Services USA and Canada

Searched back from present to 2 arm’s length conveyances;

Full copies of each and every deed in chain of title;

Chain of title for minimum 24 months;

Copies of all pertinent pages from all open liens or mortgages;

Copies of any judgments, liens, reports any open cases;

Search of all the relevant courts within your jurisdiction for open cases or judgments against all parties present on title throughout chain


Other services that we provide include:

Title Search Services in USA and Canada

Mortgage Loan Processing

Mortgage Indexing Services

Data Entry Services

Title Plant Indexing

Last Owner Search

40 Year search/full search services

Document Conversion Services

Broker Price Opinion

Title Escrow Services

Legal Indexing Services

Flood Zone Determination Services

Title Plant Indexing Services

Deed of Trust

Full or Partial Lien release document

Lien Documents

Easement Rights

Marriage Certificates


Our Value Proposition:

  • Expertise in handling both go forward as well as back plant coding
  • Recognized by ATIM and The Title Report
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent automated workflow systems
  • Highly trained workforce and seasoned resources that can be used at all levels
  • Universal BPO Services assures accuracy level of 98%
  • Experienced in generating output for import data into plant software programs such as RamQuest, Title
  • Data, Inc. (TDI) and HAL

Our service offering includes:

  • Go forward – Daily turnaround
  • Back Plants – Long durations and high volumes

Value Added Services

  • Loan payoff
  • Appraisal QC
  • Title Search/Abstracting
  • Property Locating/Search
  • Tax certification and Commitment typing


The best part of our title indexing services is that they can be perfectly tailored to suit your needs. So when you are looking for title indexing services, get in touch with us at  Title Indexing for the best support.

For More information about our Title Indexing please share your requirement on info@titleindexing.com

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