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Outsourcing data entry needs enables organizations to concentrate better on their core business activities, allowing them save overheads.

  • Book Entry

Title Indexing India offers precise and quality Book Entry services for e-Books, e-Novels, Yellow Pages, Journals, Magazines, and Check Processing at an economical rate, and within a fast turn-around-time.

Image Capturing
Catalog Data Entry
Database Files Creation from Images
Online/Offline Image Data Extraction
Image Data Sorting
Image Data Keying
Image Data Indexing
Multi-format Image Data Conversion

We create e-Books from hard copy source materials including. /Images and photographs.

  • Hand Written/Card Entry

We have a creative team who can provide quality services like business replies and can work as an intermediary between buyer and seller through envelopes, couriers, and emails.

In Card Entry, we receive raw information from the client in the form of image file. The image file data will be converted into excel format and dispatched in appropriate mode of delivery.

  • Legal Document Entry

Title Indexing India assists law firms and corporate law departments to overcome the challenges associated with information access, control and dissemination. From capture and coding to duplication and distribution, the client can leverage the latest technology to create efficient document management solutions.

We also deliver accurate, high-quality scanned copies or ../images within fast turn-around-time.

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