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Title Indexing : A Commercial Title Searches Service You Can Rely On


Title Indexing, the experts in Commercial Title Searches: Commercial Current Owner Search, and Commercial Full Search cater to the needs of large Title Abstractors in helping them make the transition to new processes with a competitive advantage. The specialty of our Commercial Title Searches is consistency, reliability, and lower processing costs.


We offer our Commercial Title Searches: Services to the following verticals of industries:

  • Title Companies
  • Law Firm
  • Bank
  • Finance Companies
  • Individual

Our services include:

  • Commercial Title Searches
  • Commercial Current Owner Search
  • Commercial Full Search
  • Commercial Grantor and Grantee Search
  • Commercial Update
  • Commercial Document Retrieval


Advantages of availing our Commercial Title Searches: are:

  • Saves Time and Labor
  • No Capital Investment in Processing Technology
  • Mitigates the risk and Reduces Fraud
  • Reduces Processing and Collection Costs
  • Leverage the speed and flexibility of Image Technology

Our Commercial Title Searches Strategy allows Title Firm to expand Current deed information and copy, and Current and delinquent tax information to help increase sales, and reduce costs and risks associated with property while dealing on the commercial property sale and purchase.


Commercial Title Searches priorities are assigned to meet check-clearing deadlines, resulting in increased availability float.


Title Search’s Commercial Title Searches are tailored to meet your requirements and are backed by the great principles of commitment, consistency and reliability.


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